WiFi Camera Built-in Eye Scanner Biometric Face Recognition Machine For Time Recorder Attendance

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WiFi Camera Built-in Eye Scanner Biometric Face Recognition Machine For Time Recorder Attendance
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Model Number: DFR100
Product name: facial eye recognition
Type: Visiable Light Face, Card, Face, Palm, fingerprint
Communication: TCP/IP, WiFi, Wiegand input/output, RS485
OS: Linux OS
LCD Display:: 5-inch Touch screen
Face Capacity: 6000 faces
Palm capacity: 3,000palms
Log Capacity: 200000
Fingerprint capacity: 6,000(standard), 10,000(optional)
Special Features: Built-in Camera
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Model Number: DFR100
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Packaging Details: carton box
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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WiFi Eye Scanner Biometric Face Recognition Machine for Attendance Time Recording


Biometric Palm Time Attendance Face Recognition With Temperature Access Control , DFR100-TD can recognize the masked face and take human temperature. Non-Contact makes the access in a safe and hygienic way. The Communication Way TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, Wiegand In/Out, Wireless WiFi.
DFR100-TD supports multi-languages, English, Spanish, Vietnamese ,Thai, Indonesian, Russian, Italian ,Korean,
Chinese(traditional and simple), and so on. User can select the language they need.





1) Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition with Deep Learning built-in.
2) 4-in-1 verification with Palm, Fingerprint, RFID card and Facial Recognition.
3) 5-inch touch LCD.
4) Dual-camera for real-time face detection 6,000 face template capacity.
5) Recognition distance: 0.3 - 3 m.
6) Compatible with external RS485 and Wiegand reader.
7)TCP / IP, USB, RS485 and Wiegand, optional Wi-Fi communication.
8) Fast speed verfication.

9) Can also recognise people who didn't registed, people's tempreture records can be tracked by software






Operating System


LCD Display

5-inch Touch Screen

Face Capacity


Palm Capacity


Fingerprint Capacity




Standard Functions

ADMS,T9 Input, DST, Camera,9-digit User ID, Acceess Levels, Groups, Holidays, Anti-passback, Record Query,Tamper Switch Alarm, Multiple Verify Modes


900MHz Dual Core CPU; Memory 512MB RAM/8G Flash; 2MP WDR Low Light Camera; Adjustable Light Brightness LED;


TCP/IP, WiFi, Wiegand input/output, RS485

Access Control Interface

3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm Output, Auxiliary Input

Facial Recognition Speed

Less than 1second

Power Supply

12V 3A

Working Humidity


Working Temperature









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